quirky, but lovely

This quote from the movie Run Lola Run (1998), it’s a dialogue between Lola and Manni, it’s a bit quirky, but lovely:

Lola: Do you love me? | Manni: Sure, I do. |

How can you be sure? | I don’t know. I just am. | I could be some other girl. | No | Why not? | Because you’re the best. | The best what? | The best girl. | In the whole world? | Sure. | How do you know? | I just know. | You think so.| Okay, I think so. |You see? | What? | You aren’t sure.| Are you nuts, or what? | What if you never met me? | What do you mean? | You’d be saying the same thing to someone else. | Okay, if you don’t want to hear it | I don’t want to hear anything. I want to know how you feel. | Okay. My feelings say you’re the best. | Your feelings? Who is ”your feelings” anyway? | It’s me. My heart. | Your heart says ”Hi, Manni. She’s the one.” | Exactly. | And you say, ”Thanks for the info. Talk to you soon.” | Exactly. | And you do whatever your heart says? | Well, it doesn’t really ”say” anything. I don’t know, it just feels. | So what does it feel now? | That someone’s asking rather stupid questions. | You aren’t taking me seriously. | Lola, what’s wrong? Do you want to leave me? | I don’t know. I think I have to make a decision. |

And from the movie Submarine (2010), this one, a mother (Jill Tate) asks his son (Oliver Tate) about the relationship between him and Jordana (his girlfriend):

Jill Tate: So. How are things with Jordana?
Oliver Tate: Fine.
Jill Tate: You ever going to let us meet her?
Oliver Tate: I don’t think so. Maybe if you get a terminal illness.

Another one from the same movie, Oliver and Jordana after ***, I don’t want to spoiled you, just watch the movie, I only shared the quotes, I think this is enough:

Oliver Tate: Ask me how deep the ocean is.
Jordana Bevan: Shut up.
Oliver Tate: Come on, just ask me.
Jordana Bevan: Why?
Oliver Tate: ‘Cause I know the answer.
Jordana Bevan: Oh! Do you?
Oliver Tate: Yes, I do.
Jordana Bevan: How deep is the ocean?
Oliver Tate: I’m not gonna say.
Jordana Bevan: I’m brokenhearted.
Oliver Tate: The ocean is six miles deep.
Jordana Bevan: Good.

Oliver Tate Jordana Bevan

Very quirky moment, yet lovely.


About aulleaul

I am a Social Welfare graduate, from University of Indonesia. I am passionate with human resources as well as human in general. Love watching movie and read a lot.

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  1. Hmmphhh, already make me confused :s hahahaha!

    they just use different way to talk about love, desperado, etc..like the title said, quirky but lovely 😉 nice sharing brother!

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