Hi guys! What’s up? This is my first post from New Zealand, oops, I’m sorry, I haven’t told you, for the last three or so months, I’ve been living in Auckland, NZ. I’m continuing my study in Human Resources Management. NZ is really beautiful country, it’s peaceful, green, the air is fresh, the people are friendly, the scenery is breathtaking, how can you not love NZ, it is spectacular, you should visit NZ at least once 😀

So in this post, I’m gonna talking about the story of Canada and her father. Actually, these two stories have already been posted on my instagram but I’m still gonna put here on my blog.

About choice:
My daughter asked me this question 20, 25 years from now:
“Daddy, what should I do?”
“Canada, don’t go breaking two hearts, yours and him. Only to save the other guy heart. Unless, you really love the other guy. You always have a choice. We are not living in the past, although in the past, women too have options. They always have a say in this kinda thing. I’m saying this not because I care about him or the other guy, my only concern is you, your heart. I don’t want you to live with a void for the rest of your life. Tawakkal to Allah is a must, but you only as good as your effort, right? I love you Canada, your mother loves you. We will always support you”.
“Thanks, Dad, I love you”.

About emptiness:
Canada asked me the other day,
“Dad, what did you do whenever you feel empty or hurt or both?”
“Why do you ask this?”
“You know dad, teens, with their problems”
“Boys, you mean?”
“You know me so well dad, so what is it?”
“It’s before your mom came, Canada, I used to hang around beach or mountain or nice beautiful place to contemplate, to feel wind rushing through your skins, to not think, to see how beautiful the world is, to enjoy the scenery, to realise that human, trees, animals, rock, sand, and everything else is so small, it doesn’t even matter”
“Can I do this with you, Dad? Like today?”
“Of course darling, you know I love you so much right”




About aulleaul

I am a Social Welfare graduate, from University of Indonesia. I am passionate with human resources as well as human in general. Love watching movie and read a lot.

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  1. i like your story about canada 🙂 you know what a girl feel, and you know what a daddy feel like you are a daddy.

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